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BYOC December Goodies

08 Dec

How pretty are these new goodies from The Lilypad. I love these embellish packs and I could definitely put these to good use. Of course Sara’s templates are always a winner when you want to create beautiful scrapbook layouts in a jiffy. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and get back to scrapping after our vacation, for now I’ll be enjoying the cold winter season here in the land of the rising sun.


It’s a mystery

17 Sep

I’m a huge fan of Kate Hadfield’s doodles and this week she have an amazing new release perfect for scrapping your curious explorers or little detectives. Ahhh you can’t go wrong with such a fun element pack. I’ve used her doodle packs in the past for some of my daughter’s school projects and they turned our really nice.


Doodles for your Instagram Pics

07 Sep

I love this new mini book by CD Muckosky at The Lilypad, it’s perfect for Instagram pictures and I have more than two thousand photos in my account now and I could really use something like this to print and showcase my favorite photos. I’m sure my daughter will love it if I make a mini album about her and the doodles in this mini book are just too adorable.


Happy Ever After

24 Feb

I have a girly girl for a daughter and she likes anything pretty and pink. She loves to play dress up, plays with her barbie dolls, takes beading seriously and watch all the disney movies about princesses. This element pack is so pretty and oh so beautiful I know I can put it to good use. I have so many photos of my girl I can use this with, if only I have the budget to buy this set right now I will. Sigh, I have other things on my buy list at the moment, most of which are for my baby girl’s birthday next month. Oh well this will be on my wishlist for NSD.


Project Life what nots

13 Feb

If you are doing Project Life this year like me chances are you are always on the look out for elements that you can use for your pages. Fortunately there’s a lot of designers creating fun stuff for us scrappers. Being a digital scrapper I love that I can manipulate these element packs to fit my needs, and I love the choices I have. Here are some new filler journal cards by Gina Miller of The Lilypad that I really like…

I’m a little behind on my pages but I’m hoping to get caught up and then I can use these beautiful journal cards :)


Happy 4th of July

04 Jul


I know most of my american are now celebrating 4th of July with family and friends. I thought this set of doodles by Kate Hadfield would be perfect to scrap those photos from the celebration. I don’t think I will have any use for it but I think it’s a really cute set.


Preserved by Sara Gleason

02 May

I love how templates make me scrap pages faster. Time is a luxury for me these days and when I get to finish a page in an hour I’m one happy scrapper. Using templates doesn’t take away the creative process of making a layout and telling a story, I still choose the photos and the kits I use and I still tell me story…it just gives me a starting point. I love the pages I make and I’m glad I’m still able to squeeze a page or two here and there despite having a cute infant to take care of here at home.


Sahlin Studios Wishlist

26 Apr

iNSD is just a few weeks away and I’m already putting stuff on my wish list so I can shop when I have the budget. Here’s some of the goodies I have on my cart at The Lilypad….

These are all by Sahlin Studios and I have a few more to add soon, she has a lot of amazing stuff! I dare not look at other shoppes so I won’t break my paypal with all the wonderful sales going on everywhere.


TLP Quarterly Sale

29 Mar

It’s time again for The Lilypad’s quarterly sale and what a good time to stock up on the goodies you may have missed from the past. I love their BYOC goodies especially Kate Hadfield’s doodle packs, if I have funds on my paypal I would surely shop but sadly I’ve used my paypal money to shop for my girls so I’m broke at the moment. I hope to have some scrapping done though, I may not have money to buy new goodies but I have enough in my stash to make a page (or four).


Child of the 80′s

22 Feb

How groovy is this new doodle pack by Kate Hadfield?! I think it’s such a fun element pack, I picked it up of course and I can’t wait to use it. I love how bright and colorful it is. I was a child of the 80′s as well so this makes me smile. I’ve been using a lot of Kate’s doodles for my daughter’s homework and she loves choosing which ones to use.