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Dog lovers want lawns too!

15 Jun

Dogs and lawns—it can be a frustrating combination. Let’s take a look at the major problems and potential solutions dog lovers will face out in the grass:

Relieving themselves. It’s natural and unavoidable—your dog will urinate out in the yard. The problem is urine can kill grass, leaving you with a lawn spotted with dead patches. The best solution is training. When your dog is just a puppy train them to pee in a certain area—off to a side, perhaps not in the grass at all.

Digging. It’s a primitive instinct going back to their days in the wild—dogs will bury food/bones, or just dig a hole to lay in… but obviously it’s not good for the lawn. Again, this is a behavioral issue that early training and discipline can cure.

Grass choice. Some grasses are sturdier than others when it comes to dog urine, play, etc. Depending on where you live, bermuda grass, Kentucky bluegrass and zoysia grass are sturdy choices that are ‘dog tough.’  No grass is guaranteed perfect, so be prepared to reseed periodically.

Dog Runs. If you intend to set up a dog run where your four legged friend is going to spend many hours, you can pretty much give up on the grass. They will walk back and forth, urinate and generally reduce it to dirt.

Worn Paths. Dogs are creatures of habit and will typically follow the same routes. Over time they may wear a ‘path’ in the grass—from the door to the run, the gate to the door, etc. Your best choices are to either accept the path by paving or creating a gravel cover, or rerouting the dog by putting obstacles in the way (potted plant, bench, etc.), thus forcing them to take a new route.