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Lots of photos

01 Apr

It’s nice to find templates when you have a lot of photos to be posted on your blog or facebook. Of course I’m one of those moms who always have a camera in hand (or my phone) so I have lots of photos of my little girl all the time. I get to showcase them through my blog for our loved ones to see back home easily when I use templates.


Multiphoto Templates

02 Mar

I often struggle in making layouts with lots of photos in it. I’m just not good in mixing a lot of different photos in one layout, I get stuck. This is where templates comes in, I love multiphoto templates because I get to have a guide on where to put my photos and it takes less time finishing a layout too. I end up with a nice layout with lots of pictures that didn’t took me forever to make.

Here are some multiphoto templates by Janet Phillips of Sweet Shoppe Designs….