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Cute Lens Pet

06 Jul

Something like this would be really useful when you have a baby that won’t sit still in front of the camera. Babies are beautiful subjects to photograph but it can be a challenge too because they have a very limited attention span. I found these cute lens pet at Etsy here and I’m very tempted to buy one for our camera. I know my little girl is a breeze to photograph but this could be useful too when I’m taking pictures of a bunch of kids. These are very cute and quite reasonably priced too.


So Dainty

21 May

These are by LoucheLab at Etsy. Don’t they look so pretty? I like dainty things like these and Etsy is the place to go to for beautiful handmade items. I just like browsing their virtual aisles and I’m constantly amazed with the talented artists that sells their creations there. Ahhh how I wish I can be that creative….


Love these

08 May

I found these canvass prints at Etsy. This is by Redbean Design and I just love her creations. I’m looking for new artwork for our living room and any of these would be perfect. I would like something a bit bigger though, these are just 8″x10″x1.5″ and I’m looking for something at least 15 inches.



06 May

I love handmade items and I’m always browsing Etsy for my does of handmade goodness. There’s a lot of talented artists that sells their creations there and I just love finding unique pieces.

These beautiful artwork are by Jonty Bloom. My favorite is the one in the middle, it would be lovely hanging at my daughter’s room.