What do you see?

10 Dec

We take the subway to go to places here in Japan, of course we are no strangers to the railway system because we take the train back home too but traveling by train here in very different. For one the scenery is very different, it is quite lovely actually and I enjoy the ride even more (well that’s if the train is not overcrowded with people and we can’t find seats). My daughter loves the view too, she sees all sorts of things on our train rides such as nice houses, band clamps from construction sites (don’t ask), beautiful parks with yellow trees and she doesn’t mind the travel time as well.


Sanrio Puroland Adventure

09 Dec

We are enjoying our vacation here in Japan, we’re having a great time actually. Last Friday the girls and I went to Sanrio Puroland and boy did we have so much fun there. We are big Hello Kitty fans here so going there was definitely on our list of “must do” while we are here. It is small and the rides are very limited but we didn’t mind at all because it was loaded with Hello Kitty and other cute Sanrio characters. We loved taking pictures everywhere, the girls had fun with the kiddie rides and watching the shows and we even had our pictures taken with Hello Kitty inside her house (how awesome is that). There’s also lots of garden benches concrete where we sat to rest our tired aching feet, that didn’t last very long though because the girls wanted to get back to exploring the place in no time. My daughter would say from time to time “this is the best vacation ever!” and I think I agree with her. There’s more to come!


BYOC December Goodies

08 Dec

How pretty are these new goodies from The Lilypad. I love these embellish packs and I could definitely put these to good use. Of course Sara’s templates are always a winner when you want to create beautiful scrapbook layouts in a jiffy. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and get back to scrapping after our vacation, for now I’ll be enjoying the cold winter season here in the land of the rising sun.


My computer geek

27 Sep

I’m really grateful that I have a husband who knows his way around computers, it must have saved us hundreds of dollars at least that he is able to fix any computer problems we had be it hardware or software related. He built this computer of mine from scratch, purchasing all the peripherals himself so he knows everything there is to know about my PC. Whenever I complain and ask him how to make my computer faster he just do his magic and voila everything is fast and running again. It’s a relief to know that I don’t have to worry if I get the blue screen of death or my cpu is making funny noises because he is always there to fix it.


Thoughts on investments

21 Sep

It’s always better to save up for the future. Who doesn’t want to have money saved up for the rainy days? Sadly in this economy most people live paycheck to paycheck and it’s much harder to save. People know about investments and annuity advantage but sometimes they lack the means to actually put some money into it and think long term investments when they can barely pay all the bills on time. I don’t know much about mutual funds, stocks and other investment options available today, I guess I have to do more research.


It’s a mystery

17 Sep

I’m a huge fan of Kate Hadfield’s doodles and this week she have an amazing new release perfect for scrapping your curious explorers or little detectives. Ahhh you can’t go wrong with such a fun element pack. I’ve used her doodle packs in the past for some of my daughter’s school projects and they turned our really nice.


New home for them

14 Sep

A good friend of mine is currently in the process of renovating their flat and she’s having a lot of fun browsing at magazines for ideas and inspiration. They hired a contractor for all the renovation in their home including replacing their current flooring with the best interlocking floor tiles. The renovation started last week and she showed me all the 3d rendering of the entire unit. Now she is busy buying furnishing to spruce up the place when they move in. It’s a much smaller flat than ours but I’m sure with clever space planning it will be lovely and functional home. Looks like we’ll have a new hangout place soon.


Oh Pandora

09 Sep

If my husband ask me what I want to get for Christmas this year I will happily say that I’d like to have one pandora charms bracelet. I think it’s beautiful and how you make this bracelet uniquely you through the charms you put on it is a wonderful idea. The charms I will get (in no particular order) will be a camera silver charm, a capital J silver charm, suitcase charm, celebration cake charm. baby carriage charm, two rings on pillow charm and a perfume bottle charm. I won’t buy them all at once though, I think the beauty of this bracelet is that you can add a charm for every special occasion that you want to remember. I can already see myself loving and caring for this bracelet if I’m fortunate enough to get one for Christmas.


Doodles for your Instagram Pics

07 Sep

I love this new mini book by CD Muckosky at The Lilypad, it’s perfect for Instagram pictures and I have more than two thousand photos in my account now and I could really use something like this to print and showcase my favorite photos. I’m sure my daughter will love it if I make a mini album about her and the doodles in this mini book are just too adorable.


Her own resto

06 Jun

I have a relative who is seriously considering opening up her own small restaurant next year. She’s doing all the research now and she’s been cooking since she was a little girl in her mom’s kitchen and she took culinary arts after she got married. This has been a dream of her for so long and she’s excited that things are looking up and that her dreams just might become a reality soon. She even went as far as talking to suppliers to get wholesale restaurant supplies as big discounts and she already found the perfect place to set up. I hope everything goes smoothly for here on, I’m so happy for her.