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Stroller for her

08 Mar

I am currently using my eldest daughter’s stroller for the baby when we go out and while it serves its purpose I really want to buy a new stroller. I’m not sure I’d want something like a baby jogger city mini gt double but I definitely want something sturdy. I don’t mind if it’s a little heavy as I often don’t need to fold and carry the stroller, my husband is the one who loads it in the trunk anyway. My husband thinks we should buy something lightweight though, especially since we’ll be travelling out of the country this school vacation. I don’t know I can’t really decide which one to buy at this point so it’s better to weigh the pros and cons first before making any decision.


Gold gold gold

06 Mar

Last weekend when I called my mom she asked me if it’s still a good investment to buy gold bullion these days. She read something about it so she thought she should ask me. I don’t know much about this kind of investment so I told her to talk to someone who actually have experience with buying gold. I dare not give her an advice and I turn out to be wrong later on, I hate for them to lose money because I know how hard they are working for their retirement.


A gift for a friend

04 Mar

A friend of my eldest daughter will celebrate his birthday next month and my daughter is helping me think of a nice present to give him. She’s so thoughtful and sweet and she really cares about her friends so I know she’s very happy to help me. The first thing that she told me about her friend is that he is crazy about airplanes, he likes them so much that his room decor is all about them. I thought one of those nice model planes kit would be a great gift for him. This is something he could work on with his dad and I think he will get lots of fun putting it together and playing with it afterwards.


It’s party planning time

01 Mar

I’m planning the my baby girl’s first birthday party next month. I started planning months ago of course but this month is all about buying all the things we will need for the party. I need to make a list so I won’t forget anything, I want to get everything by the end of this month so by next month I will just be finishing what needs to be done. If we have a fairy garden theme I would have chosen wind spinners as one of the party favors but instead I will be getting cupcake bubble blowers for the girls. It’s going to be a simple party but I will make sure everyone will have fun.


My precious child

27 Feb

Next year my eldest daughter will move up to primary school (boy I feel so old) and I know things around here are going to be different. For one she will have a packed schedule and with that comes tons of homework. She will need one of those jansport book bags as she will have way more school books and notebooks now. I know I have to devote more time teaching her and making sure she knows the material and she doesn’t fall behind at school. I want to help her do well at school but at the same time I don’t want to put to much pressure on her (and me really) that she ends up hating school. As tough as the curriculum here as and the school are expecting highly of their students I want her to have a childhood, one that doesn’t revolve around homework and school activites 100% of the time. I know parents who are do hell bent on making their children excel that they enroll their kids to all the enrichment classes they can fit in their schedule, I do not want to be one of those parents. I understand the importance of education and we are giving her the best we can but I also know that kids grow up so fast, we blink and they are no longer our babies, I want her to enjoy her childhood too and be a kid while she still is. This doesn’t mean that I don’t care about her studies, I don’t mind her not being the number one student in her class, I don’t mind her not getting all the academic awards. As long as she doesn’t fall behind, as long as she is doing well and understands what is being taught at school I’ll be one happy and proud parent. I do not want to raise just a smart kid, I want to raise a happy one too.


Yoga, go Yoga

26 Feb

I want to lose weight but like anyone who keep wishing to magically be several pounds lighter than to actually doing something to make it happen I have tons of excuses. I am a full time to two girls, a preschooler and a baby so they take up my time…most my time. I am too tired to even think about exercising to even think of buying yoga blocks to use at home. I do dance with my daughter on the Kinect but just as things are starting to heat up, I have to stop because it’s the baby’s time for feeding. Dancing can be something I could do to burn calories, if I get to have an hour to do it. I do not want to be the person just wishes to lose weight, I want to be the person who actually loses the weight. I hope I can have the time to start making it happen.


Her nursing scrubs

16 Feb

My cousin who just got her first job at a local hospital back home is very excited to be buying her first few nursing scrubs to use at work. I know how excited she must be, she’s been waiting for an opportunity like this for hours and now that her wish finally came true she’s so happy and couldn’t wait to start right away. She even showed me the matching shoes she’ll use on her first day on duty. I’m so happy for her and I wish her all the best in this new job.


No car please

16 Jul

I was telling my husband that it can also be a good thing that we don’t own a car right now. There’s just too much bills to pay monthly when you own a car and since it is so convenient to use the public transportation I see it as more of a want than a need at the moment. I know we can afford it but I’d rather not be tied down to a car loan right now, I don’t have to worry about maintenance as well. No ATV Tires, oil change, road tax to think about and I like it that way. Who knows in three to five years it might be a different situation but for now we won’t be getting one for our family.


Computers here and there

05 Jul

We have several computers and laptops here at home, we use them for different purposes. Mine is used for scrapbooking and online browsing mainly and my husband has gaming computers he uses to play World of Warcraft and other games. My daughter uses a netbook when she wants to watch her movies and play Playhouse Disney (we limit her time of course). So I guess we are one of those geeky families (lol) and you know what I’m glad we are.


Quotes for us

25 Jun

I received a few life insurance quotes in the mail today. I think my husband has been requesting several insurance companies to send their quotes through the mail so that he could peruse them. I agree that we have to keep an open wide when it comes to this, we have a lot of options and we have to study each one of them before we make any decisions. It is a long term commitment and we should be sure of our choice before we commit to it.