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Love this!

02 Jun

I bought this ideabook a few weeks ago and I forgot to post about it here. Oh this is a new book by Lisa Bearnson and no it will not tell you how to lose weight but rather how to scrapbook 50 moments that means the most. This book is so inspiring, I got a lot of ideas for my own pages by reading it. This will definitely come in handy when I host some challenges next week. I know I buy a lot of ideabooks but this is one of my favorite so far.


Life Artist by Ali Edwards

03 Mar

This will be one of my birthday presents along with another ideabook and I’m so excited about it. I have the other Ali Edwards book and I really like her style and the way she writes her book. I think this one will be even better. I can’t wait to start reading…


I Want This!

22 Feb

I love ideabooks and I spend more on them than what I’d like my husband to know (lol). I saw this in stock when I went to my local scrapbook store last Sunday and I WANT IT. But I’ve been doing well this year, I haven’t bought anything and I’m proud that I’ve restrained myself for almost two months now. See I bought five books last December that is still not with me yet, I don’t know when hubby’s aunt can finally send them over here and it made me so frustrated that I bought one book I saw a few days before Christmas. Those books were suppose to be one of my Christmas gifts from hubby but that didn’t happen. I hope one day I get to have those five books, sometime in the near future would be great!

Now enough of my rant about that, I’m talking about the latest book from Autumn Leaves I was saying I want that book. Since my birthday is next month I think I’m gonna pick it up as a birthday treat to myself (along with a few other things). I can’t wait…


ToddlerHood from Memory Makers

23 Jan

I got this book for Christmas and I just started reading it a few days ago. I haven’t gotten any new ideabooks or magazines this year so I’m browsing what I already have more ideas and inspirations. This one is quite good actually, lots of ideas for layouts and if you’re a paper scrapper there’s a bit of instructions on how to do them as well.


My latest

07 Oct

Here’s the latest ideabooks I added to my already growing stash.

Okay maybe I just like buying them, I can’t resist those pretty glossy pages calling out to me at my LSS. Well Actually Real Life Scrapbooking was highly recommended by Aggie and as a loyal scrapbook friend I just have to buy it (lol). I love it! Well I’m a frustrated paper scrapper and this book gave me ideas on how to attempt paper scrapping some of my photos. The layouts are clean and simple and quite easy to replicate. Now to have the time to actually sit down with all my scrapbook stuff…that’s the hard part. Paper scrapping is more challenging than digital simply because with paper lots of things needed to be in front of you. And you leave a huge mess afterwards. As for the four other books/magazines I haven’t really had the time to sit down and read each page so off to the shelf they go.


Ideabooks for me

14 Jun

Have you seen the latest Scrapbooks Etc mag? I hope to get this magazine at out local bookstore sometime next week. In the past I always order this online but when I go to the nearest Popular in our area I see it at the magazine shelf so for this issue I’m gonna try my luck and see if I can get it there. I saw a couple of new ideabooks at ideakbooks4u that I’m interested in. You can check out Find Your Groove and The Art of The Family Tree and see for yourself if it’s worth buying (if you have it let me know if it’s any good).


Computer Tricks For Scrapbookers

19 May

This is another book I got a few days ago (okay by now I think you know that I love scrapbook idea books) and I can’t wait to try some of the tips they featured on the book. Well a lot of the tutorials there was done in Photoshop Elements so I’ll asking hubby to get this software for me so I could try some of the interesting tutorials for myself. I’m really serious about becoming a paper scrapbooker (mainly because I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on supplies) so I want to be able to learn more about it. It is a lot more difficult than digital but I’m hopeful that I’ll get a hang of it.


Album Shortcuts

19 May

I got this book a few days ago and I love it. Well okay I admit I do buy a lot of scrapbook idea books, sometimes it is just for the sake of having a new book on my shelf but I really like this one. I got a lot of inspiration from reading it and I am looking forward to putting all my ideas to good use this weekend. I’ve never actually done a theme album before but I do love to start (and finish) one.


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