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Managing Accounts with Subscription Management Software

15 Aug

Are you struggling to stay on top of your customer subscriptions? Subscription management software from can help you create an effective subscription program. Customers will never forget to make their payments, and you will no longer have programs with automatic renewal dates. Using a program that integrates effectively with your QuickBooks program and website can make a difference in managing your customer information. Automated settings make everything easier on business owners, especially when programs are easy to learn and maintain.

Customer Contact Information

A great aspect to a quality program is how easy it is to edit customer information. If you have ever mailed out printed materials, only to have a lot of wasted materials and postage due to returned mail, you know how frustrating an outdated mailing list can be. Address check programs will prevent these issues from occurring, as your customer information is automatically transferred over and updated. Subscription management is essential to recurring customer payments. It is also important to make sure customers are staying current with those payments, and with their subscription. Investing in a quality program saves you in expensive costs, and several headaches with outdated or missing customer contact information.

Cash Flow

One of the largest problems companies face relates to their cash flow. When you do not have money coming in, you are unable to send money out. Customers with outdated credit cards, or those that fail to pay on time, can quickly hurt your cash flow. Investing in a quality subscription management program will prevent this situation from occurring. Keeping the customers current with their subscriptions, and allowing them easy access to update their information, prevents defaults and serious cash flow struggles.

Effective Management

Every company wants to excel with customer service. Using the subscription management from can help your business achieve these goals. Try a free trial to see how easy it is to establish your accounts. You can create coupons, setup fees, taxes, and email management. This provides you with insight into the program, and you can see how it will change the way you manage your business, and interact with the customers.


What You Can Learn at Film School

26 Jul

Are you looking to have a career in the performing arts? Should you go to performing arts school to pursue your dreams? With so many people looking to become actors and musicians, Los Angeles film school is a great way to hone your skills and improve your technical abilities. What can you learn at film school? You can learn all the skills needed for careers in acting, music, and dance, among other performing arts.
Acting careers range from screen acting for films or television, to stage acting, Hollywood, Broadway, and theaters. Many actors also end up with less traditional careers in voiceovers, daytime soaps, or even TV commercials. Film school can help an aspiring actor by teaching some of the different skills needed and by creating an environment where students practice necessary skills. Memorizing lines, rehearsing, and performing in productions are commonplace. Classes also teach students how to interpret roles, convey feelings, and understand characters.
There are also a variety of careers available for musicians. While some go on to perform live, others prefer recording. Some musicians sing; others perform in bands, orchestras, or symphonies; and still others choose to compose, conduct, or teach. Regardless of what you choose to do as a career, a complete musical training can be beneficial to anyone interested in this field.
The third most popular performing art is dance. Like music, there are a variety of different types of dance that performing arts majors can choose from. There is everything from ballet to dancing on television, in music videos, or in shows. Dancers can join dance teams or companies or perform on Broadway. Regardless of which is chosen, almost all dancers need a formal training to succeed. At a performing arts school, you can learn to interpret and convey messages and emotion in dance. You can also learn technique and rhythm, and build strength, stamina, and grace as a dancer.
There are many different performing arts that you can learn at a Los Angeles film school in addition to these three. Other commonly chosen careers include comedy, circus or street performing, miming, disc jockeys, and so on.


Project Life: Baby Edition for Her

21 Dec

I’m giddy with excitement when I opened the box containing all the Baby Edition for Her goodies, it is so cute and pretty and something I can definitely use for my Project Life pages as well not only for making my girls’ baby albums. AC Digitals also have the digital version of this kit available for digital scrapbookers who wants to do their album digital for 2013. I myself would be doing a hybrid album for next year. This is going to be fun!


Music to her ears

17 Dec

My daughter is starting first grade next month and she couldn’t be more excited. We still have a few things to buy before the school starts but we have her school books at home waiting to be labeled and covered so at least that’s one thing off my list. I’m not sure what extra curricular activity she would get involved in but she is keen on learning how to play one of the Musical Instruments she found at school when we went for the orientation. I know school teaches music to students, one of my friend’s daughter is currently part of the brass band at their school and she is having fun. I know my husband wants her to learn how to play the piano but I will leave it to my little girl to decide what she wants to do.


A beach wedding for her

16 Dec

A friend of mine will be getting married late next year and I’m so happy for her. She’s planning a small wedding in the Bahamas with just her family and she’s already asking me for tips to make her big day special and memorable. I say getting married by the beach is already going to be memorable, especially saying “I do” just as the sun sets (my goodnes how romantic!). She already found a stunning dress to wear, perfect for a beach wedding and it suits her body well. She plans to give nicaragua cigars to the groomsmen and pearl bracelets for the bridesmaids. I can’t wait to see pictures of her on her special day, I’m sure she will be one beautiful bride.


Buying Christmas presents

16 Dec

I knew I didn’t have a lot of time to finish Christmas shopping when we get back home from vacation so I got smart and went online for possible Christmas gifts for the big boys. I wanted to buy in bulk so I can save more and also cross names off my shopping list faster so I went with books mostly and then I found discount koozies available for purchase and fast shipping so I grabbed a few as well. I also got a few gift cards and shirts, now I just need to wrap most of these when we get back and I’ll be all set.


Choosing winter wear

15 Dec

We live in a tropical country so when we decided to go to Australia last June I knew I had to shop for winter clothes for our family of four. I was on the look out for sales and promotions because winter clothes here are expensive and I’m not gonna pay a ton for something we will use only for vacation. I found a really nice patagonia downtown loft jacket for me that was on sale so I quickly got one and a few knit dresses for the girls. I also had to buy shoes and long sleeve tops. I didn’t go overboard and just bought a few pieces as I plan to shop when we get to Sydney, I know there will be more choices there when it comes to winter wear and it would be a lot cheaper. I also didn’t have to pack a lot going there so that was another bonus.


Project Life Seafoam Collection

12 Dec

I love the new collection for Project Life and I’m so glad the digital version is now available at AC Digitals. I didn’t buy any core kit for my attempt to do Project Life 2013 but instead I bought the Baby Edition for her and the Mayfield Childhood Mini Kit to use with my leftover Clementine core kit. I just think I have way too much stuff and I’m hoping to use these for 2013, the Baby Edition and Mayfield Mini kit are geared for making baby and childhood albums but also versatile enough to use for everyday pages and I love that. I can’t wait to start working on my album, I hope this year I get to complete an album!


Strumming and singing

11 Dec

My husband’s company will be having their annual dinner and dance party a few days after we get home from vacation. He will be performing along with his other colleagues and I know they needed to practice when he gets back. I’m not sure if he will play the base guitar again or he would use something like one of those boomwhackers or an acoustic drum but I know he will do great whatever instrument it is he will use, he just have to practice before the big day. Good thing we already went shopping for clothes before we left at least that’s one item off his to do list.


What do you see?

10 Dec

We take the subway to go to places here in Japan, of course we are no strangers to the railway system because we take the train back home too but traveling by train here in very different. For one the scenery is very different, it is quite lovely actually and I enjoy the ride even more (well that’s if the train is not overcrowded with people and we can’t find seats). My daughter loves the view too, she sees all sorts of things on our train rides such as nice houses, band clamps from construction sites (don’t ask), beautiful parks with yellow trees and she doesn’t mind the travel time as well.